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Relaxation Toolbox: Tailored Techniques for Every Age Group

Keep in mind that I could probably list relaxation skills forever. Moreover, what works for one person might not work for another person. You could even have some skills that work one day and not the next. So, it's good to have a mix of skills.

There are many videos I could choose for several of these skills so go ahead and do some research for yourself!

This blog post is organized first by the type of relaxation skills, then organized from most child-appropriate to most adult-appropriate. Enjoy!

Breathing Skills (But Each Skill Gets Tougher)

Inhale the Flower, Blow Out the Candle

Belly Breathing

Timing Your Breathing

This next one is definitely tough!

Muscle Relaxation

For Kids:

For teens and adults:

Stretching (For Kids)

For Older Teens & Adults:

Chair Stretch:


Five Senses:

How to Be Mindful Anytime:

High Stress!

Adults or Older Teens Only: (Though if cooling down in other ways can be done safely, you can consider turning down the A/C, drinking cold water, or splashing cold water. Always consult a doctor if needed.)

Toughest of All: Face the Feeling and Know It Will Pass (Advanced)

I hope you learned something new! And good luck!


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