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Quick Fun and Relaxing Videos for Young Children

Updated: Mar 9

Recently, I have been making these posts because I think they would be a good resource: just a list of good videos to use with client. I have no affiliation with any of the videos, but I have used them with clients. I hope others will use this page when they are in a bind and need videos to use with clients!

Belly Breathing with Elmo. This one is probably best for younger kiddos, but I like that it can teach them belly breathing with a fun song. (It's very cute when the clients start singing, too.)

I like that this next video uses kid-appropriate prompting to teach about muscle relaxation.

I like this body scan as well. I think it is easy to follow and very short!

This next video is a bit counter-intuitive. It is called square breathing. The fish guides you in deep breathing, with seconds of holding your breath. You may have to watch and explain it to your client beforehand. Otherwise, like me, you might be inclined to breathe out immediately after the inhale.

I also like this Bubble Bouncing video for young children to practice mindfulness!

SPANISH The following two videos are from the same channel. They both cover yoga for young children. The first is pretty straightforward yoga poses, while the second has animations as well as real kids to demonstrate yoga poses. Both have storytelling elements and music to engage young kids.

Please let me know what kind of articles you’d like to see in the future! Check me out on Instagram @eagersocialworker for post updates!


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