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5-Minute Fixes: 5 Self-Care Ideas for Busy Therapists

Let's be real. Getting told to practice self-care is annoying sometimes. You're juggling a lot, and I guess much of the stress comes from things outside your control.

Still, I'm thinking about what happens to me when I neglect my self-care. I get sick eventually and have to take time off work. Normally, I wouldn't take any time off unless I had a planned vacation. It's this weird cycle. If I had just taken a break and cared for myself, I may not have gotten sick. Yet, I have to take a break anyway because I'm sick.

The point? We think we don't have time for self-care and yet when emergencies happen, we make the time. Still, I won't ask you to give up days, just 5 minutes. You can do it.

Here are some ideas:

1.Spend 5 minutes doing one thing. Like, ONLY one.

Watch TV or a video for five minutes without checking your phone, eat without watching tv or checking your phone, close your eyes for five minutes and think about something calming, go for a walk without phone calls or podcasts, whatever! Just do only one thing!

2. Move around!

You can walk, stand, stretch, squat, whatever! Just get your body moving!

3. Forget to take your vitamins? Take 'em!

I'm not your doctor, but if there's a vitamin or medicine you need to take, but didn't, go get it!

4. Drink water and/or eat a fruit!

How many of us reading this are dehydrated? Sooo many, I guess. Get some water and nutrients in your five minutes. With the extra time, maybe set up a reminder on your phone or a sticky note to remind you to drink water regularly.

5. Clear some emails.

Do this just for 2-5 minutes. Maybe even unsubscribe from email lists you don't need.

5 minutes makes a big difference, if you are willing!


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