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7 Educational Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Videos

Updated: Mar 9

Lately, I've been thinking that Autism Spectrum Disorder is one of those disorders that we talk about frequently, but don't always understand. With several of my clients having ASD or being assessed for ASD, it is my job to learn about the diagnosis. So... today I spent time looking into videos about ASD, and I am sharing the some here.

If I had to choose a video for readers to watch first, it would be this one. Not because it covers ASD DSM criteria like other videos, but instead because it provides a great lens to then watch any other video.

This video seemed to be the most comprehensive of all the videos I have seen (for being so short). I also liked that the creators talked about strengths. If I had to choose a #2 video to watch, it would be this one.

The following two videos are long but the most helpful for me, personally, in learning how to support families with children who have Autism.

This next video is by far the shortest and seems to have good basic information. However, it is not the most comprehensive.

This is the video that I would watch if I wanted to get the most information in the least amount of time.

This video is from a psychiatrist's perspective. I like that she talks about medications and also provides a resource for an intervention (ie emotion cards) to use!

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