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Three Super Helpful (In My Humble Opinion) Bipolar Disorder Resources

Updated: Mar 23

Bipolar Disorder, both types, is a commonly misunderstood disorder by clinicians and the general public alike. As with any disorder, thoroughly reading the DSM-5 is so important. Don't sleep on the differential diagnosis and diagnostic features sections only.

While I will not attempt to speak on the disorder myself, I will provide three resources for both clinicians and their clients/families. I hope this is helpful!

A Quick Note

As always, two things: Always speak with your supervisor and/or seek consultation for your clinical practice. Also, I receive no income or benefit from sharing these items. I will let you know if I do!

Websites -

AACAP Bipolar Disorder Resource Center - This website is will likely be your best friend. I use it for myself and for clients. This website has, as its name suggests, a collection of resources so I definitely would check it out after finishing this article. - While many will cost a pretty penny, there are many trainings on on Bipolar Disorder. Simply enter "bipolar" into the search bar.

Dr. Tracey Marks Youtube Channel -

Dr. Tracey Marks has tons of easy to digest videos on various mental health issues, from varied diagnoses to defense mechanisms. Below are a few examples.

Bipolar I vs Bipolar II:

Mania vs Hypomania:

Signs a person might have been misdiagnosed and actually have Bipolar Disorder:

Insight on the idea of Bipolar Disorder on a spectrum:

Three signs a manic episode is coming:

Thank you for reading and I hope something was helpful!

Please let me know what kind of articles you’d like to see in the future! Check me out on Instagram @eagersocialworker for post updates!


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