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Tis the Season for Setting Goals: Manifest a Wonderful 2024

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

As we wrap ourselves in the cozy embrace of December, it's a time for slowing down and examining our lives. Even if your December feels chaotic (talking to you, grad students, busy parents, and so many others), this article is for you. It's the perfect time to set the stage for the coming year. So, let's chat about why setting goals in December is a game-changer and how to make those goals count.

Setting Goals You Can Control

No, we're not talking SMART goals today.

Before we dive into the "how," let's talk about the "what." Goals are your compass, guiding you towards growth and fulfillment. However, here's the twist: focus on things you can control. While gaining followers or external recognition is a valid desire, let's shift our gaze inward. Let's say you do want followers. Try setting a goal like posting on Instagram 2x/week. You can also set goals like improving a skill (ie. practicing guitar once a week), fostering a positive mindset (ie. practicing mindfulness once a day), or maintaining a healthy work-life balance (ie. not working past 8pm). This not only makes your goals more achievable but also ensures that your journey is driven by personal growth rather than external validation.

Five Ways to Set Goals and Make Your Dreams a Reality:

Bullet Journaling: Grab a blank notebook (or some blank papers) and let your creativity flow. Bullet journaling is like crafting your own goal-setting masterpiece. Create a spread for each goal, breaking it down into actionable steps. The visual appeal combined with the joy of checking off completed tasks adds a satisfying touch. There are tons of creators out there on Youtube and other platforms that have plenty of examples.

You can even get real fancy and set up space in your bullet journal to divide up your goals by month and/or quarter. Get creative and get pumped!

Using a White Board: Go old-school with a whiteboard. Write down your goals where you can see them daily. This visual reminder helps to stay focused and motivated. Plus, the satisfaction of erasing or crossing out a goal as you achieve it is a rush.

Regular Journaling: Pour your thoughts onto paper. Paragraph form or bullets work fine. Journaling allows you to reflect on your goals, track your progress, and navigate the twists and turns of your journey. It's a personal dialogue with your aspirations and a record of your growth. Words are powerful manifestations, so try it out. You can even make a journal entry for different goal areas (ex. financial, physical, intellectual, spiritual, professional, environmental, familial, relational/social). Bonus, it's fun to look back years later at old journal entries to see how much your mindset and life have changed. 

Making a Vision Board: Get creative and craft a visual representation of your goals. Cut out images, quotes, and symbols that resonate with what you want to achieve. Place your vision board where you'll see it daily, turning your aspirations into a tangible and inspiring reality.

Choosing a Word for the Year: Sometimes, simplicity is the key. Choose a word that encapsulates your overarching theme for the year. Whether it's "growth," "balance," or "joy," having a guiding word helps you stay focused on your priorities. Fair warning, be careful what you wish for. My 2023 word was "growth.." I now that this growth required CHALLENGES. I'm still grateful, though, for all the growth. Still, you're officially warned.

December can be your runway for taking off into a new year filled with purpose and intention. As you set goals, remember: the journey is just as important as the destination.

Cheers to a December filled with dreams, goals, and the excitement of new beginnings!


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