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Where to Start to Find Eating Disorder Treatment Resources (For Mental Health Professionals)

Updated: Mar 9

In my experience as a therapist, I have noticed that there are few resources for professionals to learn about treating eating disorders. I have heard therapists, psychiatrists, and case managers say they have had little training on these topics. Further, access to specialized treatment for eating disorders can be limited for certain populations (ex. low-income). When I did start to research these disorders, I found few resources for learning about treating these disorders.

So, I'm letting you all know where I started, and I will let you learn from there. I hope these resources inspire you to learn more so you can better assess for eating disorders and better help your clients with these disorders.

Online Resources

Renfrew Center Podcasts ( - The Renfrew Center specializes in eating disorders and has a podcast called All Bodies All Foods that cover topics regarding eating disorders, body image, and mental health.

PESI ( - offers several trainings on the treatment of eating disorders. It also has trainings on common evidence-based practices that have shown some success in treating eating disorders (ex. CBT, DBT, ACT).

YouTube ( - Psych Hub (ex. "Treatment for Eating Disorders," Treatment for Binge Eating Disorder") and Dr. Tracey Marks (ex. "Binge Eating Disorders Triggers and Treatments") are two channels that speak on psychological conditions, including eating disorders. There is also a video by Vice called "An Eating Disorder Specialist Explains How Trauma Creates Food Disorders" that covers some common questions on eating disorders. See also "Assessment and Treatment for Eating Disorders | UCLAMDChat" by UCLA Health, "Explaining What Keeps Eating Disorders Going (CBT Clinical Demonstration)" by Centre for Clinical Interventions, and "Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) in the Treatment of Eating Disorders" by Walden Behavioral Care.

National Eating Disorders Helpline Website ( - This website, in addition to its helpline for clients, also has different resources to educate on eating disorders (ie preventions, signs, etc).

NAMI ( >About Mental Illness > Mental Health Conditions) - NAMI overviews the various eating disorders on its website for a quick summary.

Mayo Clinic ( > Health Information > Diseases and Conditions > Eating Disorders) - This website also reviews the various eating disorders and treatment options over a few articles you can find on their website. You can also find some videos on eating disorders from Mayo Clinic Radio on Youtube.


Clinical Handbook of Complex and Atypical Eating Disorders (2017) by Leslie K. Anderson (Editor), Stuart B. Murray (Editor), Walter H. Kaye (Editor) - This seems to be a well-received book. However, full transparency, I have not read it by the time I'm writing this.

The Eating Disorder Sourcebook / Edition 3 by Carolyn Costin (2006) -I do have this book, and I can say it is easy to find what you need. However, it is outdated, including using DSM IV-TR criteria.

Thank you for reading and I hope something was helpful!

Please browse this website for more resources and books for social workers and mental health professionals!

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