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10 Podcasts for Social Workers, Podcasts for Mental Health Clinicians

I have about a 45-minute commute to my internship. In the mornings, I listen to any podcast that enhances my learning (like the ones below). In the afternoon, I listen to music or fun podcasts to unwind. Here are some podcasts that I have found and some that have been suggested to me. In no particular order:

  1. THE ADULT CHAIR - The host is a therapist who shares about mental health issues and even tells stories of helping clients in sessions. She also has guided meditations.

  2. NASW SOCIAL WORK TALKS - I haven’t listened to this one yet, but it is from the National Association of Social Workers and focuses on important social work topics and general mental health topics.

  3. SOCIAL WORK PODCAST - They haven’t put anything new for a while, but many of the podcasts are worth multiple listens.

  4. LATINX PODCAST - Again, they have not posted anything new in a while, but they talk mental health in English and Spanish. I like to boost my mental health Spanish with this one.

  5. THE SOCIAL WORK TUTOR PODCAST - I have not listened to this one yet… but reviews are great.

  6. INSOCIALWORK - THE PODCAST SERIES OF THE UNIVERSITY AT BUFFALO SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK - I have not listened to this one, but it looks like they interview many social work professionals!

  7. ANXIETY SLAYER - As the name states, they focus on anxiety. They talk about anxiety and have a few guided meditations.

  8. EMOCIONES IN HARMONY - Another Spanish/English podcast, but I have not listened to this one yet! The host has a PhD in Clinical Psychology. She responds to mental health topics and questions.

  9. SOCIAL WORK CONVERSATIONS - from the University of Kentucky College of Social Work. I have not listened to this one, but it also looks like they interview social work professionals!

  10. THE SOCIAL WORK STORIES PODCAST - Just as it sounds, they have social workers tell stories on their work. I have only listened to part of one, but check it out!

Extra Self Help Podcasts

Some self-help type podcasts I have learned some good things from: (1) On Purpose with Jay Shetty, (2) Hurry Slowly, (3) Ten Percent Happier, and (4) The Jim Fortin Podcast

I am not paid by any of these podcasts. Some podcasts I like a lot. Some I am unsure of. See which ones you like!

Do you have any podcast suggestions? Please comment and let me know! Follow @eagersocialworker on Instagram for post updates!


Check out part 2! (Click here)

Also, I have been listening to the "DBT Weekly" podcast! I found it on the Apple Podcasts app.


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