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Journal #10: Thoughts on Self Care

As we all continue to be in stressful times, I have some thoughts on self care.

Over the past few weeks, it feels like the topic of self care has come up so much with co-workers, clients, friends, and family. However, I keep noticing the kind of narrow lens that many people see it through.

I’m sure a quick search of “types of self care” would yield plenty of infographics about the different types (ie emotional, physical, social, etc), so I won’t bore you with that right now.

Not Just Massages (Though I Would Appreciate One)

Listen, massages are nice and are certainly a great part of a self care plan if you can afford it. However, although things like massages (manicures, facials, etc) are what many think of when they think of self care, they are not enough.

I say this because I’ve been noticing so many people (myself included) forget to do basic self care. For me personally, I’ve noticed that I’ve been so focused on my next vacation and how that would help me that I forgot to take care of myself in that moment.

Self Care in the Simplest of Forms

I’ve been asking myself and others these questions lately:

  1. Did you drink water?

  2. Did you eat (especially if it’s healthy)?

  3. Did you sleep?

  4. Did you allow yourself to cry if you needed it?

  5. Did you move your body?

  6. Did you pray or meditate (if that’s something you do)?

  7. Did you talk to a loved one?

All This Said, Let’s Also Get Creative

While I am criticizing the narrow view of self care (ie expensive self care options), I’m not saying that we can’t get creative and even spend some money. It’s just about balance and what’s right for you.

I will tell you all that I had been overwhelmed for an unhealthy amount of time. While I am still under stress, what helped settle me a bit was a fun Saturday. I decorated for Christmas! I’m not even big on decorating, so it is not me to decorate so early, but I got the idea and it made me SO HAPPY.

I’ve also been thinking of buying a video game console so I can do something kind of mind numbing on the weekends.

I also found some cheap-ish fake nails and I glued those on this week… They do make me smile.

Please let me know what kind of articles you’d like to see in the future! Check me out on Instagram @eagersocialworker for post updates!


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