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Journal #14: March 2022 Self Care - Three Easy Steps I'm Taking

Updated: Mar 9

February went by quickly. Honestly, I'm pretty tired. Totally normal, but it is a great time to update my self-care so I can keep going.

With that said, as I have before, I am writing out an updated plan to keep myself accountable. They are quick ideas, but maybe they will motivate even just one more person to update their self-care!

Self-care, made simple.

Financial Self Care

Yes, this is absolutely my least favorite of the bunch, but self-care is about long-term returns. With student loan payments coming back soon, I need to start saving some serious money. My plan: Update my budget, and stick to it. I am no financial expert and cannot give advice, but if you are curious, here is the template I began with: One Big Happy Life - One Year Spending Plan. The good news? The budget is already updated. Bad news? I gotta stick to it.

Environmental Self Care

Environmental self-care is all about, somewhat obviously, improving your environment. This could be cleaning, redecorating, re-organizing, re-arranging, etc. In the past, decorating for things like Christmas has made me feel so warm and happy! Other times, simply putting some flowers in a vase or cleaning has been game-changing. My biggest issue right now: my office is being used (by me and only me) as storage. My goal for now: Clean out and organize the office! I need to be able to walk through it and feel professional whenever I am working from home.

Physical Self Care

This one is an oldie but a goodie. I am recovering from an injury, but now that I am just about completely better, I can make a plan to get back to regular workouts. I want to look at my calendar and find times for different types of exercise and maybe find time to try some fun new workouts. Maybe some kickboxing, some aerial acrobatic workouts, or some spinning classes. I'm not sure yet, but I am excited to make a plan and stick to it... but I will have to start slow!

Thank you for reading and I hope something was helpful!

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