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Tips to Improve School Motivation

Aside from writing this blog post, I feel like I’m working from the minute I wake up to the minute I accidentally fall asleep (in the middle of homework time).

There is not enough time in the day to get everything done unless I stop sleeping. I could do that, but it won’t be pretty. (Self care is client care.)

I’m prioritizing and getting my work done. Still, with everything seemingly due at once, I feel both stressed about getting everything done and unmotivated.

It’s time to whip out the good ol’ hat tricks from previous semesters that helped me get through moments when I feel unmotivated.

My 5 Tips

#1: 45-50 minutes of work, 10 minutes away from the work area. There may be a name for this method, but I do not know it. Use a timer to push yourself to work for 45 minutes or so, then take a break. Stand up, go outside, lay down, eat a snack, whatever you can to relax for a bit. I do personally try to move my body, roll my neck, and move my eyes around the room (they get tired!) 

#2 Give yourself rewards. Make the goal SMART. Ex. If I finish my paper by next Tuesday, I will buy myself a (favorite meal or food). The reward can be free to you, like a hike. I like to write the reward on a sticky note and put it in my planner where I can see it.

#3 Listen to your body. I am a strong believer that 15 minutes of work from a rested mind can be more productive than one hour of work from an exhausted mind. Thirsty? Drink water. Tired? Meditate or sleep. Feeling down? Smile for two minutes or force a laugh. (Consult a professional if you need it.) These are the little things I have done.

#4 Write down your plan for getting work done. Sometimes a major part of the overwhelm is simply not knowing how to get things done with the time I have. I have greater peace knowing that I scheduled in the time to get my work done. I give myself more time than I initially think it will take. I can really beat myself up if I take longer than expected, so I try not to set myself up to fail. This way, I get to actually celebrate being AHEAD of schedule.

#5 Graph your progress. This one may be extra, but I like it. I get a little paper and graph the ideal trajectory for finishing my paper (number of pages on the vertical axis, dates on the bottom). If I have a 14 page paper due in 7 days, my line shows a two page jump each day. Then, I track my actual progress with a different colored line. It helps me feel on track, and I get excited if I get ahead.

These are what works for me! Let me know if you have suggestions please let me know what kind of articles you’d like to see in the future! Check me out on Instagram @eagersocialworker for post updates!

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